Consulting Services

Some of the ways we can illuminate your brand, business and future.

FlexForce® Plug & Play Marketing Support

Experienced freelance marketers, sales people and market researchers available to help on a temporary basis filling in while someone is on a leave, or during a limited but high workload period like a new product launch.

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Quick and creative namestorm to deliver naming options for a brand, product, program, service or even a company or department. The methodology involves category and competition deep dive, team brainstorm sessions and our proprietary Luminology which explains our thoughtful logic behind each suggestion

Lightning Strike® Brainstorm

Compelling, growth-oriented product or service ideas, innovation platforms, or positioning approaches – virtually or in person.

Brighttrends Reports

We analyze and assess global market trends and determine implications for brands and businesses.

Brilliant Concepts

Our team researches and develops innovative, unique and actionable concepts to go directly to testing methodology of your choice.

Spotlight Solutions

Customized solutions for a specific challenge. Give us any issue or an area for which you need creative ideas and we will deliver.

Business Jumpstart Session

Half day brainstorm to assist with those business issues that are keeping you up at night or to get ready for the business plan cycle.

EnLIGHTenment™ Training & Development Program

Luminations scopes, develops, coordinates and presents key training modules for you and your team.

SearchLight SocialScan ™

Keeping your finger on the pulse about what is being said about your brand, product, service or business is more important than ever, but it can be hard to keep tabs on every mention. Luminations’ SearchLight SocialScan™ can do it for you providing quantitative metrics and qualitative summaries of what you need to know on a one-time, or ongoing, basis. SocialScans cover the blogosphere, YouTube postings, bulletin boards, tweets, chats, podcasts and much more so you can learn and manage what is being said about your brand, key competitors, the category or general trends.

Brightline Size of the Prize Modeling

Quantitative models developed, backed by detailed assumptions, to help assess any business opportunity.

Digital FX

Digital, social, mobile, and search marketing strategy and media planning to maximize any size investment.

The core finding from recent research on innovation is that the most successful innovators are good at associational thinking -- making connections between seemingly unconnected inputs. This is where Lisa and her team shine, bringing together ideas from expertise in diverse categories to push us into new territories with breakthrough ideas.

VP Marketing, Panasonic Consumer Electronics

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