Case Studies

Case Study: Positioning

Leading Adult Skin Care Line – Growth Platforms and Positioning

Develop positioning for new sub-line of adult skin care products; develop accompanying growth platforms for generation 2 & 3, and next 3 year product pipeline; develop names and potential claims for product ideas.


  • Marketplace Overview and Trend Exploratory
  • R&D Deep Dive and Claims Review
  • Positioning approaches for existing technology
  • Lightning Strike® brainstorm with 5 positioning approaches for short-term new technology
  • Lightning Strike® brainstorm to deliver 20 new long-term product ideas
  • Top two product ideas in market today

Case Study: CRM and Online Strategy

Leading Hip Replacement CRM Program

Brainstorm and develop breakthrough customer relationship and compliance strategies for world’s leading joint replacement company (programs for both patients/prospective patients and surgeons).


  • Comprehensive competitive SWOT and situation analysis
  • Brainstormed new and compelling programs
  • Recommended programs and implementation plan
  • Prepared budget and strategic/creative briefs for programs
  • Recommended evaluation criteria and test plan
  • Worked with partner agencies to kick off development of programs

Case Study: New Product Pipeline

Leading Seasonings & Gravy Brands – Growth Platforms and Products

Develop growth platforms and product ideas for convenience-oriented family chefs.


  • Marketplace Overview and Trend Exploratory
  • Qualitative groups to generate platforms
  • Facilitated successful Lightning Strike® brainstorm generating multiple product ideas in gravy, sauces, spice, and dry mix categories
  • Concept copy and artwork direction for quantitative testing

Case Study: OTC Switch

Allergy remedy – OTC Switch Coordination

Assist with key initiatives required to build successful retail and consumer interest in product.


  • 5 major breakthrough retail approaches – 2 executed
  • Consumer insight hypotheses and brainstorming for copy strategy
  • Generation 2 Packaging initiatives

Case Study: Positioning, Product Name & Branding

New to the World Kitchen Appliance – Brand and Product Name, Positioning

Develop consumer and trade positioning, brand, and product concept for new-to-the-world kitchen appliance.


  • Developed market research plan and budget
  • Managed RFP process for research supplier and coordinated qualitative and quantitative research
  • Developed positioning platforms and product concepts for testing
  • Uncovered winning consumer product concept and product name
  • Managed development of retail positioning and selling story and sold in to trade
  • Managed development of consumer/user interface and initial consumer communications
  • Developed formal business plan with 5 year P&Ls and assisted in capital raise
  • Developed beta test and roll-out plan

The strategy process and marketing planning was new to our team. As we moved from back-of-the envelope entrepreneurs to a more formal process, we needed help. Luminations created customized, simple templates for us and mentored our leaders through the process. The outcome was not just great learning but finished plans.

VP of Global Marketing, Household Products Company

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