The core finding from recent research on innovation (Dyer and Gregerson, 2008) is that the most successful innovators are good at associational thinking — making connections between seemingly unconnected inputs. This is where Lisa and her team shine, bringing together ideas from expertise in diverse categories to push us into new territories with breakthrough ideas.
- VP Marketing, Panasonic Consumer Electronics
Innovation distinguishes between leaders and followers – Luminations makes sure its clients are always in the lead.
- VP Global Marketing Development, Johnson & Johnson
Our capital raise succeeded in part because of the inspiration, organization and documentation of the Luminations team – we ultimately invited them to join us to serve as our marketing leadership during our road show.
- Creator and Founder, Baby Development Company
When Lisa and her team are on FleXforce duty, I can sleep easier at night; they don’t miss a deadline and I never miss an opportunity.
- President and Founder, Dunstan Baby