FleXforce® is a pool of talented, classically-trained and proven freelance marketers and strategists who can “plug and play” in any size organization.

FleXforceIn response to many clients’ requests to place a virtual marketer within their organizations for an interim period, The Luminations Group formed its FleXforce® organization. This group of marketers and general managers all have a minimum of 10 years experience and can provide the perfect solution for companies who have a critical need and may not have adequate time to train and develop an internal candidate.

FleXforce® works well when a position remains open due to an ongoing hiring process, maternity leave, disability or simply to fill any crucial temporary marketing or strategy need. The company works virtually in most cases, but can place a team member on site if requested.

Success metrics and deliverables are agreed upon up front, and weekly reports are provided to ensure that client organizations are satisfied with their FleXforce® team member’s participation.

The list below provides a sample of types of FleXforce® work.

Day-to-Day Tactical Initiatives

  • Serve as initial marketing or management team for start up venture
  • Develop and execute launch plans
  • Open offices, recruit and train candidates for permanent hire
  • Manage advertising or web development process
  • Lead teams developing new products or manufacturing process
  • Coordinate packaging or copy development
  • Coordinate and prepare sales presentations
  • Coordinate legal/medical copy clearance
  • Develop budget or forecast

Select FleXforce® Clients and Projects

  • Babycenter.com (leading online information source and retailer for pregnant and new mothers)
    - Serving as relationship manager/liaison with lead client and investor
    at multiple levels
    - Developing marketing and sales materials for service
  • Johnson & Johnson Consumer Products Companies
    - Developing strategy and executed launch of several branded websites
    including creative agency selection
    - Leading launch of new product for the company
  • Cord Blood Registry (the leading global umbilical cord stem cell bank)
    - Developing a professional (ob/gyn) marketing strategy and program
    - Assisting in development of print advertising
  • Other Entrepreneurial Organizations
    - Serving as interim VP of Marketing pending ultimate hire
    - Assisting with partnership development
    - Developing business plan documents and presentations
    - Seeking out and finding contract suppliers